May 1st

Happy May first everybody, it’s been a chilly spring so far but I am hopeful that that trend is coming to an end, I’m sure you all are as well.

It’s been a crazy busy month here in the Ryan Fedeila household. a couple of birthdays were celebrated, I got through the classes and passed the test for the first half of my orthopedic certification, began classes for the second. I finished two more chapters of book two (just eight more to go) had Easter and saved the life of a snake. Wow that’s a lot, no wonder the house is a bit dusty this morning.

Lets get straight to the meat of today’s post then before May starts filling up. $10.00 will be donated to the yellow stone wolf packs curtsey of my youngest daughter and The Box. The charity for May will be The South Range School of Derry’s PTA. Gratitude to any and all of you who have helped out in past months and for spreading the word for this one.

Also I’ve got a small bonus surprise this month. I’d like to announce that plans to revamp my blog are in the works. With a little help from a friend we plan on making the blog sleeker more user friendly and more appealing in general. As things stand at the moment the new and improved blog should be ready at the end of August and will feature a special limited time treat for visitors.

Wishing you all a warm and mild May.
Until next time,
Blessed be.

April 4th

As I have a tendency to do I wasted a good part of my morning today obsessively rehashing a conversation I had recently with someone who is (in my opinion ) an overbearing twit. We all have a person like this in our lives I think, the pontificating boss or the know it all cousin who act as if because they have said a thing, that makes it so. You know what I am talking about, right?

Anyway, do to whatever neuroses this falls under I always feel compelled after dealing with one of these types to pick the conversation apart, find all the inconsistencies, site all the times in my experience the person has led me astray and of course discover all the clever things I should have said. It’s a counterproductive habit that I know I need to work on, today however I think I may have stumbled on the key to breaking it. As I reenacted the most annoying part of the exchange I heard myself say, “He’s like a broken clock, right twice a day and he thinks that makes him an expert on time.

Aha, it was a light bulb moment for me and suddenly I found myself unattached emotionally to the conversation in question for after all; one does not try to reason with a broken clock or try to make it see why it is wrong, that would be (if you’ll pardon the obvious pun) a waste of time. Nor would it be fair to blame the broken clock every time you were late for an appointment because you took the information it provides at face value, after all the clock did not miss lead you out of any malice or an intention to deceive it is only trying to justify it’s place on your wall.

Until next time
Blessed Be

April 2nd

Hey everyone, as you all know yesterday was Pan Blair’s birthday and in honor of it I asked you all to preform a random act of kindness in her name. I thought it would be nice to share with you all what I did yesterday to honor her birthday. In keeping with Pan’s affinity with the rule of three I decided to preform three random acts of kindness and they were as follows. First I brought my boss his favorite fries for lunch, second I did not get snarky with my mother for posting smushy junk all over my blog when I am trying to maintain a bad ass reputation and last I put an extra stamp on my uncles birthday card so that he can steam it off and use it again. : )

I’d love to here what you all did. If you feel like sharing just click the comment button under this post. Can’t wait to hear from you all.
Until then
Blessed Be

March 31st

Morning everyone,
Sorry to have been so stingy with the updates this month. I have been crazy busy with classes, kids, home, work and writing book two. However I am resolved to better this month.

March sales of The Box raised $15.00 for the orphans in Haiti. Go us every little bit helps. Thank you every one who spreds the word about our little fund raising projects and follows our progress. Your support means the world to me.

Next months charity has been chosen by my youngest daughter in honor of her birthday being in April and she has chosen the wolf packs of yellow stone to be our cause of the month. No one who knows her is surprised in the slightest I am sure.

Don’t forget tomorrow is Pan’s Birthday lets all commit a random act of kindness in her name.
Much love to you all and until next time
Blessed be

March 5th

Hey there all of you hanging out in the blog-o-sphere.

Just wanted to share a little personal victory story with you all today. A couple of weeks ago when I was feeling pretty much defeated as an author I found the following most lovely e-mail in my in box.

The Box
I loved it, loved it, loved it!
Didn’t want it to end! As soon as I finished I had to go back and reread nearly the whole thing! Very cleverly written! Damon and phobia.. Grrrrr!
I was so vested from the start! Pan touches a deep chord!
And of course the girls…. It was like visiting with your daughters on a most excellent playdate.
Prometheus is a dream of a guy! Pitter patter goes my heart!
I could go on and on…
I cannot wait to read your next book!!


This well timed message made at once laugh out loud and cry happy tears. When I stopped reading it over and over again I realized a huge part of the reason this was making me so happy was because of the immense amount of respect I had for the person who sent it. Which further brought to my attention how many of the people I respect have not only said wonderful things about my work but have consistently encouraged me to keep writing. The fact that these people have such faith in my work makes all the banging my head against literary brick walls totally worth it and as my wise Daphne said after reading that e-mail “Mom, if that is not reason enough for you to finish the second book then you do not deserve to be a writer.” And as usual she is totally right.

So back to work for me. I am halfway through chapter 13 of book 2 and excited to keep this streak going strong. I promise to keep you all updated.
Until next time
Blessed be

March 1st

Good Morning everyone and happy March 1st, can’t you just smell the promise of spring in the air, sure you can it’s subtle but detectable, sandwiched between the aromas of wet glove and dirty snow. It’s called eau du New England a heady fragrance with very long legs, sumb (snicker under my breath). But please don’t misinterpret my bout of snark for bitterness I am actually in a pretty fabulous mood this morning. Not that I have any particular reason to be I just am so there. See there I go again. What a stinking brat I am, how can you guys even stand to read this?

Ok anyway, done with that getting back on topic righttttttt now. So the point of todays post was to let you all know that between ebook and hardcopy sales you, me and The Box have raised $24.90 for Margaret’s Place and I couldn’t be prouder. It’s ridiculous I know to be so proud of such a minuscule accomplishment, but I don’t care. So we didn’t break any records, set the world on fire, or become the talk of the town. So what? You know what we did do? We made a difference, we made a positive difference in the life of somebody somewhere and seeing as how that has always been my highest ambition as an author I am going to spend the rest of the day strutting around like a peacock, whether the rest of the world thinks I have a good reason to or not.

Besides February was just the beginning of a series of fundraisers featuring a different charity each month. For the month of March half of all profits from The Box will be going to the TiPalmiste orphanage in Haiti in honor of my wonderful boss and mentor Jeanie Gorski a woman who makes a positive difference everyday.

Stay tuned, more details to follow.
Until next time,
blessed be

February 23rd

Real quick update today because I am on a hot streak with book II which I hope is news that will make you all happy : )

We are up this week in the Marguerites Place fundraiser by one book bringing our total to $22.60. We still have five days left, lets see if we can double our total in that time. I double dog dare us all.
Have a happy Sunday everyone.
Until next time
Blessed be.