My father spent most of his life at war with himself, fighting demons that lived within him.
His battle came to an end last Saturday. It is my sincerest hope that he has at last found solace.

Rest In Peace

A year in review

The holiday season is a beautiful, magical time of year, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. So as an exercise in keeping things in perspective I’ve decided to sit down and review the last twelve months.


Twelve months ago, I was slogging through the nastiest part of an unpleasant divorce; felt rejected and worthless.
Eleven months ago, I was struggling to make ends meet with two jobs and child support income; felt hopeless and defeated.
Ten months ago, I was facing the first anniversary of my marriage after my divorce; felt betrayed and alone.
Nine months ago, I got asked out on a date for the first time in almost twenty years, said no thank you; felt the tiniest bit empowered.
Eight months ago, my children took Me out for a surprise Birthday treat and nobody fought; felt grateful.
Seven months ago, passed my Orthopedic Massage Certification; felt relived.
Six months ago, the house I thought I would grow old in goes on the market; felt hurt and nostalgic.
Five months ago, an offer is made on the house felt; scared and excited.
;Four months ago, house is sold but we still haven’t found one to buy; felt terrified and powerless.
Three months ago, moved in to new place; felt resigned.
Two months ago, started considering more education for better career; felt frustrated, unenthusiastic.
One month ago, was accepted for Creative writing bachelors degree program; felt hopeful and happy.
Today, registered for my first class, feeling; BLESSED.

Mother Earth

Good day everybody,
As always I hope this post finds you all well and happy. Sorry to have gotten a bit behind in my posts but I have been struggling some with how I wanted to approach this particular post. I know that normally my style can be irreverent, dry and somewhat jaded, but the more I thought about todays post the more I found I wanted to veer away from my usual crusty (but lovable) outlook for this one. I hope you will all bear with me if I meander into the land of the sincere for a moment.

You see recently I’ve been reading Stephen Jones’ book Zombie Apocalypse, now I know some of you are saying to your self at this point come one Laura you said this post would be serious but be patient for a sec and I hope you will understand; in the middle of one of the chapters I suddenly and unexpectedly found myself reading a sentiment I have myself expressed in the past which was. “My colleagues and I used to “joke”, for want of a better word about the need for a solution to the world’s population problem. In the past wars, plagues and famine have wiped out vast numbers of individuals and kept the population down. In recent times the sterling work off numerous charitable organizations has meant that despite the best efforts of any number of Third World depots the number of people living and being born in the poorest parts of the world has increased. I used to wonder privately about the need for some form of catastrophe to solve the problem of over population, and the nutritional and healthcare demands made by a multitude far too great to be able to be supported by the already limited resources this planet has to offer.”

When I had finished reading this particular passage I found that thunder struck I needed to put the book down for a moment and get my bearings. What was it exactly about this passage that had thrown me for a loop you may be asking, it was in point of fact merely that it had been stated out loud (so to speak) without any respondent ridicule or belittlement, as had been the case whenever I ventured to express such thoughts. It has consequently inspired me in this season of love, compassion, empathy and charity to make the following plea for someone whose voice is often times to mellow for us to hear.

What ever your personal religious views are, and I want to be clear I am in no way implying a judgment on the way anyone finds their higher power we as individual organisms are as dependent on The Earth as a gestating fetus is dependent on its mother. Earth Mother’s circulatory system keeps us hydrated, as well as carrying away and processing our waist, from her body we are fed, within her protective spear there is oxygen to fills our lungs and a safe environment in which to grow and explore our potential. And just like a mother she asks from us, nothing in return and will never cut off her support but keep giving till she has nothing left. Therefore I humbly ask that this holiday season you remember to get our mother a gift as well, whether that comes in the form of a donation to an environmental group, using alternative wrapping for your presents, or just not tossing uneaten food as if it wasn’t given from her bounty; doesn’t matter because as we all know, to a mother not gift is too small.

Blessed Be

Happy Holidays?

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving.
I hope you are all well and happy and in the mood to give me some advise. I really need some help.

So here is the issue; yesterday at work I wished one of my clients Happy Holidays as she was leaving my room. When I did she dragged a hand down her face making a “UUUrrrgggg” kind of noise and said “Don’t remind me. I am so far behind.”
And then she left.

Can you believe it? She just threw that grenade and then ran from the room.

What does this mean is there some kind of holiday quota I don’t know about that needs to be met?

Are quotas assigned on a sliding scale or curve, I hope?

Are quotient measured individually or by family groups, ( is that why single people get invited to so many awkward family/ friends mixed events at this time of the year?)

Am I supposed to be keeping records, filling out forms, making quarterly reports?

Is that why people are always saying “for the record?”

Is there a fine or penalty for not hitting your numbers?

Is there a holiday task master I am supposed to be checking in with.

Is that why Santa is always watching?

Finally following my dream

Thank you so much to all of you wonderful people in my life for your good wishes and interest in my ambition to go back to school.

To answer those of you who want to know more; I have decided to follow my passion (with some gentle nudging from Melina) and pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a focus in creative and screen writing.

For too many years I thought of my over active imagination and addiction to the written word as a weakness I had to overcome in order to make it in “The Real World.” I’ve finally figured out that not only is there no shame in doing what makes you happy but also that there is far more integrity in that, than doing a half assed job in something that doesn’t.

I was so excited when I read my acceptance letter; I cried and laughed, danced in circles and thoroughly embarrassed my children.

I am still riding that high, I am however also determined that following my dream does not negatively affect my girls. In that vein a Bachelors Degree from SNHU will cost roughly 25,000 dollars. Anyone who is able to help wither financially or by spreading the word by visiting the link below, I would and do greatly appreciate it.

Blessed be to you all


Morning everyone,

So going down the list of tasks Holly set me the next one that needs a check mark is “figure out who your target audience is and where they hang out online.”
The implied question here being, who did I write this book for?
Well to be honest, first and foremost I wrote this book for myself, because I loved the theme of it, developing the characters was so much fun and I seriously couldn’t wait to write the dramatic conclusion.
Great so all I have to do to figure out who my market is, is figure out who I am.


So who the hell am I?

Do you mean besides being an evasive smart ass with a flair for sarcasm?

Umm Hummmm

I don’t think you have the clearance to be read in on that file.

Cut the crap and answer the question wisenheimer if you ever want to sell a book to someone you’re not related to.

Fine, Jezze calm your nuggets. Ok I am an introvert, a solitary Wiccan, a mom who loves hanging out with her kids, and an ex wife who finally BELEAVES it was not her fault her husband cheated. I am a total sucker for epic stories of self sacrifice where the stakes are no less than saving the world. I love well orchestrated fight scenes and flawed heroes who make the right call despite their shortcomings and I secretly hold out hope that when I am 50 Gandalf will invite me on an adventure.

That is freakishly cheeseball.

I know :(

Ok so the second half of this part of Holly’s assignment was to find out where people like that hang out online. Sooooooo where do you hang out online?

SIGH This is going to be tougher than I thought.